The basic idea is a broadhead-arrow-concept that favors a high degree of penetration to conduct ethical hunts at all times

  • CNC machined single bevel cut-on-contact broadhead with robust and blunted tanto tip.
  • High structural integrity and robustness due to seamless construction of blades and ferrule with superior materials.
  • High "Mechanical Advantage" and a slim blade cross-section of 1.5mm
  • Single bevel with straight cutting edges and an edge angle of 30°. In addition RAM Broadheads are featuring the "Grind Relief" which makes RAM Broadheads very easy to sharpen.

The hunting moment of a lifetime can come at any time. As a hunter, you want to be sure that you can rely on your equipment. We therefore wanted to create the best hunting tip for the perfect penetrator.
Perfect arrow flight is the basis of arrow penetration. Because the most important thing about the shot is the hit. The symmetry and concentricity of the arrow must be impeccable.
When it comes to penetration in hunting, the best physical design principle is the cut-on-contact broadhead with 2 cutting edges. One of the most important parameters here is the "mechanical advantage" - also known as the slenderness ratio of the broadhead. The longer a broadhead is compared to its width, the easier it penetrates a body. Doubling the ratio of length to width also doubles the penetration performance of a broadhead.
It is also crucial for an optimal penetration effect that the broadhead retains its structural integrity and sharpness even when penetrating heavy bone, i.e. that it remains sharp and does not bend or break. This is where the integral "single-bevel design" is unbeatable.
Critical weak points of classic broadhead concepts and low-performance materials have been eliminated and all components are CNC-machined to tight tolerances. They have a seamless surface with a smooth transition between blade and ferrule. All of this "Made in Germany".

In addition, it needs a resistant blade tip in tanto form, as well as a small cross-section of the razor-sharp cutting edges, with a robust cutting edge angle of approx. 30° and, last but not least, the highest possible dead weight in the broadhead itself.
If the broadhead also has a high FOC value, the hunting arrow can penetrate large amounts of vital tissue much more easily with a smooth shot after hitting a heavy bone.
Dr. Ed Ashby has also proven all this in his studies. We have taken his findings into account and designed the construction accordingly.


When selecting materials, the following aspects were important to us for a premium broadhead.

Robustness in every hunting situation, very good edge retention, very good sharpenability and, in order to be able to hunt in any weather without worry, adequate corrosion resistance.

Each element of the hunting arrow and broadhead places different demands on the material. We want to provide the best performing material concept for each component. This excludes the possibility of major components being made of aluminum or brass. In addition to the optimum arrow flight, there are other properties of a broadhead that are decisive for hunting success. These are robustness in every hunting situation, very good edge retention, good sharpenability and, in order to be able to hunt in any weather without worry, adequate corrosion resistance.
In addition to the construction of the broadhead, robustness is also determined by the toughness and strength of the material. The edge retention is determined by the cutting edge stability. How well a broadhead can be sharpened depends on the one hand on its hardness, but above all on the wear resistance of the material.
The sensible choice of the right material and its heat treatment ensure that the necessary properties for a broadhead can be achieved as optimally as possible.

The blade therefore consists of a forged piece of X50CrMoV8-1-1 with 60HRC, also known as chipper steel. Based on our experience, we have found a very functional mix of properties in X50CrMoV8-1-1. X50CrMoV8-1-1 is a corrosion-resistant tool steel with 60HRC. Even at this hardness, it is extremely tough, especially in cold environments.
The toughness of the cutting edge and blade body of RꓥM-Broadheads with X50CrMoV8-1-1 steel at 60HRC is superior to that of materials used by the competition such as

  • 1.2363 (AISI A2) steel, is 2.5 times higher,
  • 1.4112 (AISI 440 type) steel, 5.5 times higher,
  • S30V steel, 7.5 times higher.

This also applies in particular to cold temperatures.
In addition, X50CrMoV8-1-1 steel is corrosion resistant. Its degree of corrosion resistance is twice as high as that of the 12% chromium tool steel 1.2379 (AISI D2), which is often used for handmade knives.

All RAM Broadheads have two slim blades with straight cutting edges featuring an edge angle of 30° and a groove called the "Grind Relief".

The "Grind Relief" additionally reduces the grinding area and thus the grinding effort by approx. 40%, making it very easy to regrind RAM Broadheads.