The Core-Weight-System CWS of RAM Broadheads allows to cover a wide range of broadhead weights with only one design.

Additional tungsten weights are housed inside the broadhead and thus at the most effective point in the hunting arrow to ensure the highest FOC values and the most powerful penetration behavior.

The Core Weight System CWS consists of a 55 grain stainless high strenght spring steel adapter and optional tungsten core weights, with up to 75 grains of additional weight.

Thus, the broadhead weight can easily be increased by up to 100 grains, depending on the broadhead type.

The adapters feature a standard 8/32 thread to fit all common insert types.

The standard adapter is made of 30 grain Ti 6Al 4V or optionally 55 grain, corrosion resistant, high strength spring steel for the CWS.

The adapter ensures a firm connection between the broadhead and all standard inserts. The thread adapters are primarily subject to bending and should neither deform nor break when penetrating the game body. For this reason, they are made either from Ti 6Al 4V (standard circumference) or from corrosion-resistant, high-strength spring steel. The strength of the adapters is approx. 50% lower than the strength of the broadhead thread. This protects the internal thread of the broadhead.
In the event of a very hard impact in the ground (stone) after a hunting arrow has been shot through, the adapter can absorb part of the impact shock and possibly deform plastically. Deformed adapters are easy to replace and the function and value of the broadhead is retained for further hunts.
The adapters have a standard 8/32 thread and will fit into any standard insert. The adapter can be tightened with a 7 mm open-end wrench. It has vibration-damping silicone O-rings which secure the connection point against vibrating loose.